Please enter the first DNS website about horse racing in Hong Kong. (Registered and launched on 21 May 1994)
請由此進入參觀香港首間有關賽馬之一級域名網站 (註冊及創建於一九九四年五月廿一日)

ART NEWS UPDATE 藝 術 彙 報 更 新

Circle LO has over 10 years of business related with Internet, soft/hardware and high-end technologies. Previous experiences include working with several large-scale organizations in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America covering the disciplines of arts, sporting, insurance, health-care and creative media. In the past 3 decades, specialties span from consulting to marketing; métiers teem from strategic planning to operational management. Inquisitive interests flow from the classic, present and futuristic multi-culture.

盧啟源有十多年之網路 、軟硬體 及高科技業務經驗。曾受聘於亞、歐、澳、北美洲等數間大機構;涉獵娛樂藝術、體育競賽、保險投資、醫療護理、媒體創作等領域。三十年來,專長項目包括咨詢参赞以至市務營銷;職權範疇涵蓋策略企劃以至行政管理。修習與興趣漫遊於古典、現代、未來之多元文化空間。

歡迎光臨盧啟源的網站! Welcome to the website of CIRCLE LO 歡迎光臨盧啟源的網站! Welcome to the website of CIRCLE LO